Beginner to Improver Rollerblading course

Beginner to Intermediate Rollerblading Course

Rollerblading Skate Group Courses for Beginner to Intermediate Skaters



We have recently made some exciting changes to our beginner to advanced improver skating courses with a progression process that gives you the opportunity to go from complete beginner to advanced improver.

We have structured the whole course in three optional sessions as follows:


Level 1 – Beginner to Improver

A great way to get you from shaking on the floor to rolling, stopping and turning.

We even start this class for about the first 10 minutes with your shoes on so no need to get nervous (yet)!

We will also be covering skate safety, getting started and stopping as well as turning, which are fundamental skating skills.

The next course date will be Sunday 1st February 2015 at 9.30am. To book a place, you will need to call me on 07753 489669. Please don’t email me.

Spaces are limited to five people only, have your debit or credit card at hand when you call because that’s how you will have to pay and you will need correctly fitting, minimum standard knee, wrist and elbow pads as well as a helmet.

Level 2 – Getting Better Improvers

Your next step should you wish to take it.

In this session it’s all about technique which is really important for Level 3 and you will have to complete Level 1 to do Level 2 or it won’t make any sense.

We will be improving your balance, core strength, spatial awareness, foot control and fitness.

Level 3 – Advanced Improvers to Intermediates

Now’s your chance to shine and swish and be a super star on your skates.

We will be starting off with perfect skating techniques to bolster up your skating skills foundations and then moving on to cool turns and stops, safely dealing with obstacles and some awesome ways to slow down and stop and at the end we go for a three kilometer skate around Battersea Park.

Group Roller Skating Lessons


The cost is £30 per person for each session. Each beginner skating course lasts 1 hour and places are limited, because we like to keep group skate classes small which give you value for money. Level 2 and Level 3 are scheduled according to attendance.

Whatever your skating goals, from joining the popular Easy Saturday Skate in Battersea Park, the London Friday Night Skate or Sunday Stroll, this is where all beginner skaters should start in order to learn all the basic Rollerblading skills that are fundamental to becoming an awesome inline skater!

In this range of beginner skating courses, you’ll have loads of skating fun, meet new people, improve your fitness and body shape. You will simply enjoy it!

We also believe that unlike Hyde Park, the beautiful surroundings of Battersea Park offers a more relaxing atmosphere that is the perfect environment for beginners to start learning skating safely without having to deal with crowds of people and bicycles as in Hyde Park.

Please note: You will need inline skates (Rollerblades) with a heel brake on one of them as well as knee, wrist and elbow pads and a helmet, all of which are mandatory in all of our skate lessons and courses. If you should be missing any of this essential skate equipment,  Visit our skate hire page for more details.