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Inline Rollerblading lessons in London – Learn How to Skate!

Learn to skate from one of the top ISITA International Skate Instructors and Skate Instructor Examiners in the World.

Rollerblading Skating Lessons as well as Roller Skating Lessons (Quads) for Complete Beginners through to Skate Instructor Certification.



Rollerblading lessons as well as Roller Skating Lessons in London. is a long time established inline skating school operating in London for many years, it’s also one of the Europe’s top skating schools which is headed up my Mark Davies who is an ISITA International Skate Instructor Examiner.

There’s a full range of courses, group skating and private skating lessons to help you learn Rollerblading or Roller skating as easily, quickly and safely as possible. We are also one of the industries leaders with over 25 years of teaching experience.

We teach all kinds of people from beginner to advanced professional skaters, from children to senior citizens as well as Instructor training and development and certification.


Private Skating Lessons

Our private skating lessons are the best way to learn as quickly as possible. A private rollerblading class or roller skating skating class is tailor-made to you, your abilities, body type and your skills. You can also save some money by buying a block of skating lessons or by arranging a skate lesson with your friends. Private skating lessons are available weekdays as well as weekend.

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Beginners Level's 1, 2 and 3 courses

Starter group Rollerblading workshop If you'd rather join a group starter rollerblading class where you will also meet new people and socialize in the park, then our Sunday beginners to improvers group rollerblading course is what you need. They run regularly on Sundays afternoons and attendance is limited to a maximum of eight students.

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Women's Rollerblading Lessons

Ladies only skating is fantastic way to enjoy the outdoors with your girlfriends, feel good and improve your fitness and they take place in the week and at the weekend. Both Inline (Rollerblade) and Quad (Roller Skate) skating is really good for you bum's tums and thighs as well as an awesome way to burn calories and fat.

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Kids Rollerblading

Lessons Rollerblading is not only a great sport for adults, it's also loads of fun for children. Kids love to Rollerblade and Roller Skate! We run kids skate club and if you have a private lesson with you child, you get to attend for free. Learning to skate with your kids is great fun.

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Skate Around Town

"Get your skates on" and dump public transport. We are also aware that most of our students want to learn skating because their "dream" is to skate about town and use an alternative form of transport. As we are also passionate about street skating we offer skate around town – street skating courses.

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