Roller Skating Lessons by SkateInstructor.Com

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Inline Roller Skating lessons in London – Learn How to Skate!

Learn to Rollerblade from the World’s Top ISITA International Roller Skate Instructors and Roller Skate Instructor Examiners.


If you’re serious about learning how to skate and how to skate well, this is the right place for you…

If you’re not that serious about skating and only have a bit of time to play at it, this is not the right place for you and we invite you to keep searching for other skate schools who will be happy to take your money for a play! We wish you luck!

To get seriously good at skating takes serious commitment both in time and money, so if you’re ready to learn one of the most awesome skills on the planet and look totally cool on skates – Get in touch now, HERE… has been based in London for many years, it’s one of Europe’s highest qualified ISITA skating schools which is headed up by Mark Davies who is a Level 4 ISITA Master Skate Instructor and International Skate Instructor Examiner. with Skate Instructors in London, Eastbourne and Edinburgh and over 30 years of teaching skating under our skate belts.

Kids skating lessons are a different thing altogether. So if that’s what you’re looking for, contact us and we’ll get a dedicated Children’s Skate Instructor to contact you.

Not only do we teach Skating up to Skate Instructor Level, we also teach in Alicante, Spain and Zurich.